ECG function on a apple watch

How Smartwatches can support doctors

More and more Smartwatches have an ECG function. By utilizing two electrodes which are attached to the watch case, an ECG can be generated by close skin contact. All you must do is wear it on your wrist and place your finger on the crown of the Smartwatch.

According to cardiologist, Prof. Dr. Med. Deneke from Germany, some patients came to see him because they noticed an increased pulse or flickering due to the ECG function. In addition, he noticed that it was useful to monitor cardiac rhythm disturbances over an extended period, as regular ECG’s are often limited to a smaller range of time. The resolutions wouldn’t be as high, but the monitors in the algorithms would be relatively similar. Overall, he speaks of a 90 % accuracy with a standard ECG device. However, consultation with a real doctor should not be neglected as there is a risk of false findings.
Danielle Janes Ames, a general medical doctor in New York City, warned that metal objects such as jewelry can affect the ECG reading – it should be used with caution. Generally speaking smartwatches may help controlling the ECG, but the results are not as accurate as a regular ECG and by no means a substitute for a doctor.

Teaserpicture: Apple Watch ECG function. Source: Felix Hanebeck

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